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The OXO Tower
The project was to install and commission an intelligent fire alarm system.
The installation consisted of luxury apartments, office space, roof top restaurant and car park space.
The Details:
KMCO wired and installed smoke and heat detectors to all areas with inter links to each apartment. Each shop / office space had an interface isolator installed so that the new tenants system could be integrated with the main building system. We installed mimic panels to each level to indicate where the fault / fire maybe. The fire alarm system is interfaced with the BMS system and will activate the sprinkler system in case of fire. The system is fully monitored on site with a remote access for programming.
The system was wired in surface clipped red pyro to the building slab and contained on tray work through out the risers. The smoke and heat detectors were fitted as per the drawings on the ceiling slab, with the interfaces adjacent to each entrance and the sprinkler isolator adjacent to each sprinkler manifold.
This installation was carried out over a period of nine months, and was completed on time and in budget.
Also as part of this solution KMCO planned and designed a 24 fibre single mode fibre to be installed from the basement of the building to the comms room on the 5 floor for all communication links from this building. This comprised of 350 metres of 24 fibre cable, terminating in BFP in basement to a termination shelf in the comms room and all splicing and testing required.
This is just one example of the turnkey solution that KMCO Group can offer